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“The Art of the Duo”

is vocalist Maria Jacobs’ fourth recording to date.  It represents her continuing growth as an artist. It is in many ways her most honest and compellin
g project.  The “Art” of the duo is no casual exercise for those who engage in the discipline of making music.  Save for the solo artist, the duo format is the most vulnerable. The solo artist has no safety net, relying completely on their skill as a communicator. There is however another kind of tightrope walk for musicians who perform in duo fashion; It involves a “trust” born of mutual respect that relies their acumen to have each other’s back. Jacob’s abilities are in full display here as she is paired in song, at once with a guitarist, a pianist and an acoustic bassist. Jacobs demonstrates with quiet  confidence, interpretations of songs tempered first through years of practice in solitude followed by the mutual conversation of agreement with musical equals. Songs that are now unveiled for you, who reap the fruit of their labors.  Eat, drink and be merry in this experience as you listen to "The Art Of The Duo.”             


                                 - Bobby Jackson, The Jazz Mind

Available Now

In The Studio Now.......

Here Comes Winter

Scheduled For Release Fall 2014

Upcoming Appearances

Sunday, August 31st

A Taste of Hudson, Hudson, OH

Main Stage, Noon - 1:30 pm

Saturday, August 16th, 6 - 8:30 pm

Crocker Park, Westlake, OH

Paradigm Theater  by The Cheesecake Factory

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Maria Jacobs